Trial & Error & Back Again

My new motto is, “Live Life One Hour At A Time”. People who plan out their entire week are crazy. Even people who plan out their whole day are taking a risk. I am choosing to not put that pressure on myself (haha!) I am living hour by hour. For instance, in this hour, I am sitting on a bench writing my thoughts. Who knows what the next hour will bring!

Having moved around so many times i have established a routine. I get my room all set up so that I have a sanctuary to come home to. Then I figure out my surroundings, ill walk and google maps the heck out of the area so that I know where i am. Next is figuring out the best route to and from work. Finally, i will start looking for friends and people to hang out with. This move I’m also nurturing a heart break. (I’ve set up my kickboxing bag outside so that should bring my emotions some therapy!)

On a side note my bedroom window overlooks a hill, which the morning sun rises over; our neighbors have these giant bushes with gorgeous bright orange flowers that spill over the top of the fence (oh. my. goodness.) This place is my haven. I’m grateful for the little things in my life.

My current analogy of my life is that I am on carousal (the beautiful classic one that is in Mary Poppins) and I am just going around and around and around again. There seems to be a cycle of moving, switching jobs or job hunting, enrolling in college then un-enrolling due to a move, saving money for a car (oh yes, I am car-less at the moment) then using that said money for other priorities. I think I am getting dizzy. I am in need of new inspiration. My creative side would love to set up bulletin boards of hobbies and interests like Holly Kennedy does in the movie P.S. I Love You. My logical side says that that would take up too much time and space. (Sigh) Okay I will put on my big girl panties, grab a pen and paper and write out ideas of what I would like to do in the nearest future. At the top of my paper I have quoted MegaMind (because why not?) “Here’s my day so far: went to jail, lost the girl of my dreams and got my butt kicked pretty good. Still things could be a lot worse. Oh that’s right….I’m falling to my death. Guess it can’t… So this is how it ends. Normally I’d chalk it up to my last glorious failure. But not today!” Ah! Megamind! How you inspire me!

Here is to the adults who start over & over, may we find a path to follow!



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