Single Handy-ness

Do you ever find yourself doing a job that you wish you had a significant other to help? (I don’t want to be sexist, but sometimes having a partner would be great) Over the years I have come across odd & end jobs that I truly wish someone could help me with. For example, climbing stairs while on crutches and trying to carry bags as well; hanging décor and making sure it’s straight; cleaning up the massive amounts of ants that seemed to have found the food cupboard whilst I’ve been sick with the flu; or simply having a bad/good day and wanting to share it with someone special.

I recently found myself in such a predicament. My bed is a beautiful queen size bed that has been taken apart and put back together so many times that the groves and hinges have started to fall apart. I have to prop my bed up with a couple of boxes underneath so that it doesn’t cave in while I sleep. (So classy, I know ha!)

When I moved in I thought that I had propped everything accordingly, however in just a short amount of time the footboard is at a rather tilted angle and the mattress is barely being supported on the far left corner. Now is where I get my workout in, lifting queen sized mattresses off a bed frame that is bent is no easy feat, but I am determined to show the world (or even just my pillows and big stuffed animal that sits on my bed) that I can survive on my own!

After struggling and sweating, pushing and pulling, and one giant bruise on my left leg, I get both mattresses upright against the wall. I now contemplate the idea that I need to work out more (who knew that that would take that much work!) I survey the bed frame. The “L” shaped metal piece used to hold the frame to the post is all crooked and missing the screw; sweet and simple fix.

A drill. I need a drill. I don’t have a drill. And I am only fairly certain that I can use one correctly without injuring myself. Okay I shall investigate my wonderful landlord’s garage. After a few minutes of digging I find one….with the correct drill head already attached! I do a happy dance (it truly is the small things in life) I get the parts and pieces all secured and my bed is now stable. I can sleep soundly at night!

Now onto that porch swing….

Here’s to the handy men and women, accomplishing odd & end jobs on our own!


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