Reality Show For Job Hunting Anyone???

I have a hard time with the question, “Have you tried….:” If we could remove THAT sentence from the English language I’d be a happy girl! Job Hunting is a sore subject for me. I have spent weeks typing and re-typing drafts on this topic, trying to figure out how to write this post without it sounding like a soapbox lecture.

A few years ago, I got hooked on The Good Wife (Ahh Netflix!). In season four, there is an episode where a young girl is trying to get a job at a firm and enlists the help of the main character, Alicia Florrick. Alicia calls back one of the firms to check up on the girl’s interview. The following conversation takes place:

Law Firm Guy: She was great! Just out of the military, right?

Alicia: Right! I just wanted to offer a reference and tell you how great she is.

Law Firm Guy: Yeah, she seemed great.

Alicia: So are you looking for litigators with trial experience?

Law Firm Guy: Well, actually between us we’re not looking for anyone.

Alicia: You’re not? She seemed to think there was a job there.

Law Firm Guy: Well, we like to keep our hand in, meet and interview, same as you guys.

Welcome to today’s Job Huntin’! Where your resume means little, your college degree means even less, and just because you see a help wanted sign does not mean they are actually hiring at that moment.

My landlord is a smart man. He has a Masters, a Dr. of Health Science, and a PhD, and even now he is working on a Master’s of Theology. He agrees with my line of thinking, that these days, it is tremendously difficult to get a steady job. Often times, you have to know someone in the business who can vouch for your character and THAT is what puts you ahead of the large and ever growing pile of resumes.

Think about it. How did you get the job you have now? How have you gotten most of your jobs? How about your friends and family? Most of the time (not all the time, but most), you have to know someone in the business. For my landlord, who is a wise age of 60, he has only had success with one cold hire. All of his other jobs he has been blessed with knowing someone who could vouch for him. I know this to be true of many of my friends and have experience in my own life.

It comes down to community. We need each other. We are fighting so hard to have our individual voices be heard. We are fighting to show the world what we as an individuals can
accomplish. And yet…we need each other.

Here is to the Job Huntin’ grown-ups —May we surround ourselves with an awesome community!

Hold on to your hats folks! I’m making a plan to post every Monday from here on out…. As it’s Tuesday afternoon I’m clearly off to a great start 😂




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