Responsibility Dilemma

Over the past several years, I have come across a fork in the road regarding finances. It is always so tricky to figure out if I should be responsible and  go left or should I be even more responsible and go right. Or do I just sit here and eat a homemade blizzard while I make this decision. Mmm…okay, hold that thought,…I shall go buy ice cream and candy bars.

While eating my homemade blizzard, I will make a pro/con list. (I find them to be crazy helpful!) I love seeing in writing why I should or shouldn’t spend hard earned money towards a car vs. paying off debt. Should I invest in college when I am unsure of my major? Should I or shouldn’t I use a credit card to buy new tennis shoes (I walk and bike everywhere, so this is equivalent to getting new tires for your car!); and/or glasses (mine currently have a giant smudge on the right lens, and I may end up cross-eyed if I keep looking through them!)? Not to mention the regular everyday expenses that comes up. As tempted as I am to toss a coin and play heads or tails, I should probably research a more serious method of decision-making.

One of the common difficulties of being a stuck-in-the-rut-grown-up is explaining the whats or whys or hows to anyone who asks. Instead of using every subject that could apply here let’s keep things simple.

Take for example the fact that I am car-less.

I get asked in a variety ways about why I don’t have a car, and if I want a car, and if I’ve ever tried saving for one. There are many aspects to this simple fact that cannot be explained away with a simple answer:

Yes, in fact, I can drive…and yes, i have a current license. Yes, I’d love to have a vehicle.

Yes, in fact, I’ve saved up multiple times. I’ve even researched about which make and model, best gas mileage, most comfortable seats, etc.

Yes, in fact, I’ve ALSO thought about the cost of OWNING a vehicle. I’ve added up the expenses of payments, insurance and gas—also taking into account the maintenance that vehicles often require.

And so on…

In short, there is no simple answer for the stuck-in-the-rut-grown-up to give. Rest assured much research has been done; just because you don’t visually see the answer doesn’t mean that one has not been actively pursued, or that a solution could be on the way. Please believe the best in that person, believe that they are working as hard as they can. Offer encouragement and a hug and ice cream because ice cream makes the world go round.

Here is to the stuck-in-the-rut-grown-ups — May we get “un-stuck” in the nearest future!


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