Keep Calm and Stay Upright

I love being happy. I love to giggle and smile and feel that warm sunshine break through the clouds. One of the tricks to being an adult is to be happy; find joy in all circumstances. No matter how small that joy is, I’ll hold on tight and keep pursuing my dreams with everything that I’ve got.

Some days, when adult-ing, is tricky and it’s hard to stay positive, I’ve found that it’s good to blow off steam. Now there are variations to blowing off steam. There is the idea to stay in bed with the covers pulled over one’s head (which often sounds like the best idea ever!). Other times, the idea to just drink one’s troubles away is equally appealing. Then there is always kickboxing (there is something rather therapeutic about punching a bag!).

Another way that I blow off steam is to find a spot to call my own; some small corner in the world where I can sit and journal and watch the world go by. One time it was a swing set down by the river, another time is was a pier that faced the sunrise. Currently it is a park bench tucked beneath a tree. There is joy in listening to the children run and play; the wind and birds rustle through the trees; the couple meeting for lunch, taking a break from the world to be with one another for a moment.

On that note, I wish that someone would make me a PB&J then tuck me in for nap. Oh wait; we’re “adults” now. No one tells us how proud they are when we take a two hour nap. Darn it.

There is a country song that sings, “if you’re going through hell then keep on going before the devil finds out you’re there”. This is a GREAT example of true motivation haha! Run. Move. Crawl. Anything, keep going, just move forward. There is another song titled “Bring On The Rain,” which talks about facing the storm, and fighting it out.  But my new favorite is a song by The Band Perry titled, “Comeback Kid”. This song talks about getting back up every time after being knocked down, and sings about inviting everyone to their comeback parade, where they will serve up ice cream and lemonade. Perfect.

I am not broken nor in ruins; I am climbing out of this hole and moving on. I will make a comeback.

One day I will have a direction that leads to a purpose.

One day I will have a home and won’t have to pack up and move around so often.

One day I will cook pancakes with the love of my life on a Saturday morning.

One day my life will have rainbows and sunshine again.

For now, I take things one hour at a time, finding joy in the little things.

I have created a To Do List for my To Do List because I am just that clever.

Step One: Write a to-do list to keep me focused and on task.

Step Two: Write out a schedule that includes a deadline to get certain projects done.

But what I have found most helpful, is a checklist that I make at night of things that I DID accomplish that day.

Step Three: Write out what I did that day. Even if it was a rough day, I will write down that I at least got up, dressed and made my bed. There is a sense of accomplishment when I can see it on paper,  know that I adulted today, and I can sleep well, knowing I did something slightly productive.

Here’s to the rough season that we all have to face! May we comeback stronger than ever and have a parade!

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