Dear Santa Claus,

For Christmas this year I would like all those in my life to know that I am thinking of them. Would you please pass along these love letters to my friends and family? Thank you!

To My Friends:  You bring me such joy! How I love being out and about with ya’ll. I love and cherish the time that we have together–all the late night girls impromptu sleepovers, the awesome game nights (like the night when the kids game, Perfection, was the main attraction!), the fellowship, the BBQs and In & Out adventures. I enjoy that we can sit at a coffee shop and talk about life or we can go out and shop or we can even head to the grocery store and just run errands. You have surprised me with tennis shoes, pizookies and other such yummy foods! Ya’ll have supported me and encouraged me when I needed it most. Thank you for everything!

To My Family:  I hold you all close to my heart though distance keeps us apart. How I wish we could meet up more often and grow together as a family. I would love to share sister secrets and inside jokes, watch your children grow up and be the one that you can always count on. How I wish things were different and we could gather ‘round the dinner table, playing games way into the night like we used to years and years ago. Perhaps one day when life gets a little easier we will all find a way back to one another? Thank you for the memories that I have– our camping trips, our card games, our shopping adventures, getting our first tattoos together, and growing up. I know that I have let you down; please be patient with me as I am figuring out my life one hour at a time.

To My Little Munchkins;  As your nanny/guardian you little ones will always have my heart! Goodness, you all have grown up so much! There are so many adventures that we’ve had–eating ice cream on a hot day, running the monster trucks up and down the ramp, cuddling up and reading book after book.  My personal favorite memory to laugh about was the dozen or so dead fish and worm collection day, when we weren’t sure we would survive cleaning out the tank with so many dead fish–ha! Then of course, teaching you games on the living room floor, learning to take turns and how to be okay with not always being the one who wins. I cannot wait to see what life has in store for you guys. I pray over your lives, that God will watch over you and keep you all safe. Hugs!

To the Ones I Love Dearly:  You are near to my heart and never far from my thoughts. My cup runneth over with joy from memories of our time and I am ever thankful that you are with me. Thank you to those spending endless hours on the phone, night and day, talking about life and such. Thank you to the ones who listen to my dreams and provide wisdom when I cannot find my way. You all are a constant presence in my life, helping me to heal, bringing comfort and joy to my heart, and peace and faith to soul.

Here’s to the Holiday Season:  may we spend heaps of time with our loved ones!img_0462


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