There is something magical in the air during the holidays. People watchers everywhere find a bench or table to soak up the magic that the holidays bring. There is magic in strangers who buy coffee for the person in line behind them, in friends that meet up, presents being exchanged, and long distance families coming together.

In my current stage of life, this magic is getting harder and harder to find. It now seems like a special treasure that I once had and is now being illusive. In part because with so many moves, friendships are lost; in other parts because family is all separated out, living out life to each their own agenda.

As I sit in this little coffee shop I can value the moments of magic in other’s lives, and it’s a beautiful thing.

But I will say that there is a special kind of magic for those who keep searching for it. There is magic in getting together with those who’ve been hurt, mending and sanctifying their relationships. There is tenderness in watching broken relationships heal.

I’ve been tempted on many occasions to lock and guard my heart; swearing that I’ll never love again, never trust again, never try again. But, oh, that is much more damaging to my soul than working through the hurt. The key is to keep one’s heart open—remaining open, real and honest. Yes, the hurt is real. No, you don’t get to decide that you didn’t hurt that person. But to end there–to let a relationship die out there, at the point of hurt and pain, is not the answer; nor will that bring healing.

I’ve learned through experience and observation that when people get hurt they think they will be safe if they lock themselves away. But, alas, more damage occurs. And the interesting thing is that the damage is widespread to all in that community. All will feel the pain of that lost relationship between siblings, between parents and their child, between friends, between lovers.

Don’t close your heart. Please.

There is magic when we open up to one another, when we put pettiness aside, when we embrace and forgive, growing through the fights, moving forward through the pain, devoting time to one another.

May my heart never be closed, calloused or locked up.

May I be–ever and always—tenderhearted, easily moved to love, empathize and quick to forgive. May I be devoted to finding the magic in my relationships and fighting to keep love alive.

Here’s to adults keeping magic alive this holiday–May our hearts remain open and tender–full of love and laughter

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