Life’s Little Gifts

Wahoo! The holidays are over! (Insert happy dance here) I don’t particularly care for the holiday season. I know, i know, it’s usually such a jolly ole’ time, but my memories are a bit rough this time of year. (Growing up, things always had to be perfect, I always had to give up my bed, and anything that went wrong seemed to be my fault.) I just find such hustle and bustle to be too dramatic and too fake.

I’d much rather have great big dinners, any other time of year, simply to have everyone over, instead of making a big hoopla and stressing over holiday dinners.

I do wish we could alter our line of thinking a bit. What if we gave a gift throughout the year, just because we want to surprise the people in our life, to show that we care?

There are too many gifts that get over looked simply because they are simple gestures.

I received such a gift a simple gift this year. I was invited to spend Christmas with a beautiful family and their grown children. I am ever so grateful to them for giving me a place to belong. From the moment that I stepped foot in the door, they made me feel welcome.  As I sat there in the rocking chair, yummy food and drink in my lap, watching them exchange gifts there was such a warmth and genuineness in the air. I am not accustomed to such genuine love when it comes to family gatherings. (Don’t get me wrong, I grew up in a nice Christian home, but this was different. This was real.)  I could have sat there all day watching their family be a real close family. It was in the way they spoke and joked with one another, in the gifts that they got each other, and in the way they cleaned up and set out dinner. It was such a simple act of them inviting me over, but this Christmas will stay in my heart for many years to come.

I love when life hands me little gifts like that.

Adult-ing in any season these days is incredibly difficult. So many things to do….So many miles….So many bills…Single adults juggling two or three jobs….Married with both spouses working JUST to make ends meet…etc.

It’s so easy to focus on what is NOT working that I tend to lose focus on what IS working or what HAS worked. I am ever so grateful for the people and/or circumstances that have brought me little gifts. I’m ever so grateful for the friends who call or text right when I need a friend to chat with. I’m ever so grateful to find places where I feel at home.

Here’s to adults who find joy and comfort in the simple things! May we always be grateful for those little gifts that life gives us.


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