Non Identified Self Part II

There seems to be quite the defining line between the Generation X and Millennials. There seems to be quite a heap of disgust thrown in both directions. There seems to be confusion on where the cut off line is. And because of that, there is a half generation mid-gap, calling themselves the Oregon Trail Generation. They are claiming to be half and half, identifying with both generations.

I myself grew up running around until dark, drinking from a garden hose, being disciplined by spankings, being taught how to be responsible and do my chores. Later on in life the whole concept of participation ribbons came into play but not always. I had to strive to get 1st place. I worked hard to get to the top of my class. I didn’t grow up with a phone or my own email until later on. I spent more time outside than in. I find myself identifying with both generations.

There is a video that I came across that defends Millennials in a positive way (I’ll post it up on FB). If you remember your history, the Millennials are the product of parenting or lack thereof. They are the ones whose parent’s theory was to let them figure out right or wrong on their own, and is there really a “wrong”? They are the generation that all got participation ribbons, just for showing up. They are the generation who most likely didn’t get spankings or any discipline. They are the ones who most likely grew up with anything and everything given to them because to deny a child anything is a form of abuse (or so society told them)

Now there is heaps of shade being thrown at these young adults because they appear to not know how to adult and the truth is, they most likely don’t. But here is a thought: instead of throwing shade, teach.

Teach us Generation X.

Help out. Participate in this society, don’t sit there with your arms crossed, shaking your head and putting us down.

Encourage, uplift, and give hope. Instruct, teach and show us.

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing. As said by the great Edmund Burke.

I was having this same conversation with a Lyft driver the other day. We were talking about what each generation has gone through and what they bring to society. I mentioned the new mid-gap generation on the rise, the Oregon Trail Generation.  He chuckled a bit and said, “Why do we have to have a title?” He’s got a point. Why do I have to be defined by a title, by my birth year, or by what generation that I fall into.  Even though I was influenced by the society that I grew up in, I have chosen to define myself by my faith and find myself to be defined by Him who is greater than the world. Can I just be me? And avoid all the politics of what defines me. I am just me.

Here is to the grown-ups who have a birth year—may we find our place in society and grow!


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