Non-Identified Self Part III

January just seems like the perfect month to reflect on my life.  Over the last few weeks, I have visited friends from the first area that I moved to in this state. And I have been flooded with bittersweet memories of my time here.

In eight years I have seen much, been a part of several great groups of friends, had a few heart breaks, and learned how to pick myself up and keep moving forward.

I have mentioned before how my life feels like I am stuck on a carrousel. I get frustrated with myself and my God that it feels as if I have not moved much in eight years. I feel stuck in the same cycle between moving, job hunting, and broken relationships—never making progress.

But as I drove around this familiar area, recounting so many memories, I came to a sudden realization that I have come so far from where I started!

I have learned trivial things like how to not carry groceries home in plastic bags because that will kill your hands. Instead bringing totes and canvas bags on wheels will get the job done more effectively. I have learned that I should not hitchhike with nice old gentlemen that offer, because my friends will freak out for my safety. Instead I can call up a few whom have offered to rescue me when needed.

I have learned to not bike in the rain. Call for a ride. Any ride. Biking in the rain sucks. (Kudos to ya’ll who brave the storm!) I have learned how to be creative when getting around town. I have become rather independent, surviving on my own.

I have learned true friendship. I have learned how to spot friends who will be there always. I have learned that those are the people to treasure. And I have learned that guys will promise most anything to a girl if they find her pretty, only to turn around and find that those promises don’t always hold true.

I have learned that life is short and that I wish to live my life and not be stuck in a rut, stuck at work, or be stuck in traffic. Life is a blessing to be held. And I intend on treasuring it.

I have learned that community is possibly the most important aspect in life to make it anywhere. Finding a great community to be a part of is the trickiest part, but it can be found if one searches hard enough for it.

But one of my greatest lessons that I’ve learned in life is this—taking the hard lessons and turning them into blessings. I have seen much, been a part of much, and learned a great deal over the last eight years. I can say—possibly for the first time—that I am grateful for the trials that I have been through. We all take this journey to find the Promised Land. Sometimes losing our way, sometimes all hope seems lost, and sometimes the lack of progress seems daunting, but let’s keep reminding ourselves… Just one more step—Now watch me fly!

So…who am I and how do I define myself? I am a child of God, here to work out my salvation. Please be patient with my shortcomings. I am still learning how to adult.

Here’s to the adults on their life journey—may we strive to always learn to walk and then fly!


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