Inspired Heart and Soul

Earlier this week I was inspired by a 74 year old Lyft Driver. As I climbed into the back seat, I noticed two things; a pair of crutches beside him and classic country songs on the radio. I commented on the music and he said how he loves the country life but if I didn’t care for it then he would change it. I told him how I am originally from Colorado, so by all means, keep playing the country. Turns out that he lived out in Colorado once, owned part of a ski resort, raced Nascar, and traveled all around my beloved state. I asked about the crutches, inquiring if he had hurt his leg. He said nah he just didn’t have one anymore. About 4 years ago this man was in a motorcycle accident, pronounced dead at the hospital but then ended up being in a coma for a few weeks. He said at first he remembered being a bit bummed because he loves to be active, but instead of being defeated he figured out how to maneuver on crutches and refused the wheelchair; then looked for other activities that he could do. He proceeded to tell me how he and his buddies just went out to Knott’s Berry Farm for the day—eleven hours at the park and he outlasted all of them! When he dropped me off, I asked him how old he is, he told me 74, and that his dad lived until 108 years old; then he said how he planned on outliving him. Wow! Dear Sir, I admire you in more ways than I could type up.

Inspiration can be found anywhere. We can find people that we look up to, a heartwarming story about a local hero, a movie with a great line, a song that really gets us going. It is a great high to be on, pumped up and ready to take on the world!

But finding inspiration when one’s world is falling apart seems darn near impossible. It’s difficult to be the underdog, the misunderstood, the lost and lonely. When the future is unclear then how do I go on?

My inspiration comes from ordinary people like the Lyft Driver that I met. Those whom have come up against all odds and keep on trekking. They have the sweetest souls. They seek out life like there is more to live. They live with their very hearts and souls, taking in every moment.

I aspire to live such a full life; the good, the bad and the ugly. I welcome it all, for it makes me who I am today. I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for the bumps and bruises along the way. But why focus on the scars? They only tell the part where I fell, not of how I got back up.

Here is to the grown-ups living through it all—may we live to be inspired and inspire!



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