Great Wall Of China

Many, many years ago, I heard a talk on…something or other. Ha! Well darn, it has been too many years to remember the subject on which he taught. Okay, but the part that I do remember was on choosing paths and how our lives intertwine. Our journey is what really matters, not necessarily the destination of that path.

On the white board, the speaker drew a picture of the Wall of China. He added arch ways throughout the wall. Then he added pathways leading out to different places from each archway. He went on to explain how life is like the Great Wall. We will come upon many times in life where we have to choose a path. Sometimes we will see down the road of that pathway, other times the view will be obscured.

Next the speaker drew lines at the top of the board connecting the pathways. Some of them met up and crossed over each other, others seemed parallel and still others never intersected at all. He told us that those lines represented the paths that we took. Let’s say that we went through Archway B and along that path we intersected with the path from Archway L. We may meet up with the same people that we would have if we had originally started on the “L” path. Or maybe it was a job opportunity that crosses at the intersections, or perhaps even a significant life experience.

The point is—the journey is why we are here. The pathways do not point to what will make us most successful, most happy, or complete us. The pathways represent who we are in all the areas of life, all of our decisions and all of the people that we will encounter. I absolutely love that quote, “Life is about the journey, not the destination.”

The word journey simply means to go from one place to another. I can use it in a literal sense in that I have journeyed from one state to another to another. I have journeyed from one country to another. And I have journeyed from city to city to city to city to cit……etc.

I could use is figuratively, that I have journeyed from being the new girl in town to being surrounded by friends. I have journeyed from job hunting to rising in a company only to journey to job hunting once more.

I could use it in a more spiritual sense; I have journeyed from green pastures into the valley of death and up the mountain of God.

Now I just need to find a new pathway and try again!

Here’s to the adults on the journey! May we meet up with the opportunities that our path provides!


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