There is more than one way to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. When a bright five-year-old girl, whom I nannied, told me that she wanted to make her own sandwich, how could I say no? She struggled to reach all the ingredients on the shelves, climbed her way to the top of the counter to pull out a plate (princess of course) then asked if she could use the butter knife. I nodded yes. She took the butter knife in her little hand and plunged it all the way into the jar up to her little fingers. Yep, she had an art form.

All of us have our own art form to life’s decisions.

I am the type who collects all the information that I can. I go to all my resources asking questions. Next I take on Google, asking any variations to the questions left unanswered. At this point I will go forward to professionals, seeking their opinion and advice. Then I can choose my next step.

This is how I operate. This is my system. This is a part of who I am. This is my art form.

That faint whisper  of opportunity that I mentioned in my last post is a program that I am looking to be enrolled in. I am in the door way, staring down a new path. I feel a bit excited! It is something different than what I have been doing my whole life. It is a jump in a new direction and I can’t wait to get started.


It is proving difficult to move forward when I seem to be stuck going round and round and round in what seems to be a revolving door. HA!

I don’t believe this is a shut door. I just seem to be stuck in a run around with gathering information. There has been a plethora of phone calls, emails, Google-ing, and chatting with the professionals—with only bits of information to go on. Okay, deep breathe. I am vowing to not stress about this. While this is a big deal, I do not want to get caught up in a negative mindset. This is a program that is constantly being offered. I believe that the door of opportunity will remain open (crossing my fingers, holding my breath). Baby steps around a revolving door are still steps in the right direction, right? I just need to find that one step that will lead me out of the doorway and onto this path. And I have a few ideas as to what that step will be. I must remind myself to breathe and let the steps be my guide through the doorway.

This is something I want. This is something that I think I could be great at. This is a new challenge, a new area that I can grow in and learn heaps. I don’t want to rush this or force my way in. If this is to be an open door for me, then I believe that it will happen. I will chase after that faint idea until I grasp it close to my heart and make it real.

Here is to the grown-ups starting up something new—may the first steps get us in the door and onto the path safe and sound! Here’s to keeping calm and breathing!


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