Two Birds On A Wire

Have you ever found yourself in need of another person to simply sit beside? Someone who doesn’t have to have the answers in life, they don’t even need to offer advice, but they are just there? There is much to be said about wanting/craving human interaction.

As a nanny, I’d often take the kiddos to the park. Within minutes most of the children all became engaged in the same make- believe game, taking over the whole playground. All were invited to play even those who showed up after the game began. Those who had to leave early had a fit and even my own charge would rally the parent to try and persuade so-and-so to stay a bit longer. Friendships come so natural to children and it is a beautiful gift.

My experience as an adult…friendships take a bit more work as we grow up.

One big hurdle that I have noticed in grown-up friendships is that everyone has baggage. The baggage seems to be anything from juggling several jobs, spouses, kids, school or all of the above. Making time to sit and have a moment to oneself is rare enough, making time to visit with a friend or two seems darn near impossible.

My FAVORITE thing in the world (besides chocolate) is to spend time with a person. I do not care if we are hanging out at Disneyland or if we are running errands around town. I enjoy the face-to-face quality time with people.

I started a new trend—though it works best in good weather. I have been extending invitations to my friends with young kids to have cereal picnic in the park with me. This way we have breakfast (food is the best way to connect with friends!) and we have entertainment for the children. Win-win!

The catch? Making new friends to invite over to the picnic. I wish there were a guide for the new girl in town to make friends; it is a bit tricky and it is even more so the older that I get. But I accept the challenge! There’s gotta be another soul out there who loves to mix Apple Cinnamon Cheerios with Honey Bunches of Oats.

Whenever I see two birds on a wire, it reminds me that everyone needs a friend to just sit beside and rest. There is much to be said in connecting with another’s heart.

Here is to the friendships that survive into adulthood! Here is to the new friendships that are found in adulthood! Here is to still eating kid’s cereal at 30!


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