“Tell your heart to beat again… Close your eyes and breathe it in…In this moment heaven’s working.”*

There are moments in life that steal one’s breathe away. Sometimes those moments are treasured—sports events, promotions, achievements, wedding bliss, or birth of your child.

Other times those moments are ones that stop our hearts—heartbreak, family matters, terminal sickness, death of a loved one, or tragedy.

We’ve been told that life is short, but upon reflection this is real.

We are ever so good at living our routine. We wake up and go through our day. But do we live?

My parents have been married for thirty-five years. I have an older sister—married eleven years, and a little sister—married four years. I have at least six nieces and nephews, half of whom I have not had the pleasure of meeting. I have not hugged most of them in years. And sadly, they all live within an hour of me.

It feels like we have become estranged.

The hardest part about all this is that I am now at the age where I start recognizing names of those whom have passed away. I know those that are fighting terminal illness, and I have comforted friends whose loved ones are no longer here.

A few years ago, a child’s movie came out called Wreck-It Ralph. The hero, Fix-It Felix, has a magic hammer that can fix what has been broken.

I would give anything to have that hammer to essentially bop all of us in the head and heal the sense of estrangement that I feel.

There is too much hurt in this world. Many of my relationships have succumbed to retreating—hiding away from the pain. How can I help? How do I reach out and hold them? How can I melt away the pain and fill them with love?

There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of every member of my family. There is not a day that goes by that I wish I could call and chat with them.

The artist Pink has a song titled “Run” that speaks to my heart. I would sing it for all those in my life. I may not be the best candidate for knowing what I want in life, but I am always here, whenever someone needs a friend, a sister. I am here; you can always run to me.

Family to me, are those who care for and take care of each other.

Here is to the adults going through moments that steal your breath—good or bad—may we always have someone we can run to!


*A beautiful song from Danny Gokey titled “Tell your heart to beat again”

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