Eye Of The Beholder

Self-image is a hot topic, always has been and shall continue to be. But why do we allow the media to dictate what beauty is? They can’t seem to get their story straight anyway.

Beauty comes in all forms, shapes and sizes. It is a one size fits all type of word. True beauty works from the inside out.

Have you seen that youtube video of a boyfriend going through his girlfriend’s closet? He tries on her shirts to prove a point—that our sizing charts are more than a little messed up. He says as a medium-sized guy he was struggling to fit into extra-large clothes. The girlfriend’s clothes ranged from Medium up to XX Large. He couldn’t believe it! He ended his message with understanding why women struggle with body issues. His girl is smaller than he is, yet wears several sizes larger than he does!

A few years ago, there was a show on about how to be comfortable with your naked self. They were teaching how to stand in front of the mirror—naked—looking at yourself from your head to toe, complimenting as you go. At first, I could not stand naked, I was way too self-conscience! So I altered it a bit. Now I stand in front of a mirror with my favorite outfit on, twisting this way and that. Then I will stand in just my undergarments and do the same thing. I have learned how to appreciate all my curves!

Often, I have found my own self esteem lowered as a beautiful woman walks into the store. I felt deflated that my face or my belly didn’t look like hers. Then I saw this quote and oh my gosh! My way of thinking has been permanently altered. “Another woman’s beauty does not take from yours.”

I love, love, love this! Beauty comes in all forms. This does not mean that I am any less beautiful because I think I see someone looking more beautiful than I. It means that beauty is a word that encompasses ALL of us.

If I could find a genie, I would make a wish of getting rid of the pressure to be “the perfect size.” We are many shapes for a reason. Could you imagine if we all looked the same—how boring life would be!

To the Women who pinch their side and sigh, resigning that they will have to eat kale for the next week to get rid of those two pounds that they think they gained—You are beautiful.

To the Women who keep applying make-up thinking if they add enough it will cover their sadness, their scars, their past—You are beautiful.

To the Women who have curves, buying clothes to hide them and dieting until all they eat is celery sticks—You are beautiful.

To ALL the Women, young and old—YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL—just the way you are!

“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.” Yes, I just quoted Dr. Seuss, a brilliant man with such simple, heart-felt quotes.

Here is to all the beautiful women out there—may we find our true beauty in ourselves! May we be comfortable with our own body! May we appreciate all shapes and sizes!


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