Have You Ever…

…danced in the rain? Such a fantastic and freeing moment to just spin around in the pouring rain, feeling so alive!

….played hide-and-seek as a kid then re-experienced the same game as an adult?

…had a long day and couldn’t decide between showering, eating or sleeping. So instead you binge netflix all evening long? (Ahhhh Netflix!)

…laughed so hard that your abs hurt for the rest of the week?

…had a moment that you wish you could return back to (perhaps a moment so special that you knew that you wouldn’t ever forget that one moment for as long as you live?)

…danced to your favorite song and pretended to perform to an invisible audience? No? Just me then? Jolly good!

…been in love? (I’m not asking about the Lion King kind with Nala and Simba and stars in your eyes.) Have you ever absolutely loved another that no matter what you would always love them?

…wished that you could take back a mean retort or snarky response? (I keep trying to bite my tongue and remember that a soft answer turns away wrath.)

…cried so much that your heart might break from so many tears?

…found yourself in someone’s arm knowing they can make all your brokenness fit back together?

…been secretly proud of yourself for making it through another day?

These are all moments that I have treasured in my own life, the good the bad and the ugly. All are forever imprinted on my soul. They make up who I am today. I have said before that I am ever grateful for all of the experiences that I have had in my life, and that shall ever ring true.

Here is to the adults treasuring every moment of life! May we create more memories to recall upon as the years go by!



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