Buildin’ On Up

Over the summer, when my life hit rock bottom, I pushed everyone away in hopes of starting over. It’s as if my block castle had fallen for the 50th time—but this time, I am determined to build it upright.

“The one that falls rises ten times stronger”

“Fall down seven times, get up eight.”

I love any quote that has falling and getting back up again. This is a huge part of adult-ing.

In any given circumstance, we can find our castle is under attack. Sometimes these attacks are just pests looking for attention. Other times we fight a battle hoping that our guard will be strong enough to hold our ground.

But there is something to be said that when we lose a battle, while it is hurtful, it is healing to rise again. We can be someone much stronger having survived the battle then never going through it at all. (I think Game of Thrones refers to a soldier who has never seen battle as a green soldier.) Only those who have borne hardships can properly understand such things. Bring on the battles!

Once, my spirit was so broken, so shattered, that I no longer knew the direction to even walk out of that mess!

Now I’m healing. Glory be to God!

My first Building Block was a sanctuary—which is where I currently call home. A mind can feel at peace when surrounded by beauty. This neighborhood is full of beautiful old houses, giant trees that meet over the tops of streets and green, grassy hills that have a medieval look about them. My mind is free!

Another Block I have laid down is this blog! I have found that writing my story and sharing with others has opened up my broken heart to accept healing through words. I have discovered how to have a heart full of eloquence instead of a heart on the defense. My heart is mending!

I have a Block that I have been trying to set, but it doesn’t fit just yet. I have mentioned of a program opportunity that I was looking into—which I am still very much interested in! But if I had set that Block back in February then I would have messed up my foundation.

My foundation is working out saving grace for my soul. We are in Lenten Season where my time and focus is needed—had I enrolled in that program then my time would have been at school. (I am humbled by the way that my life works out sometimes.) Lent is where I want my full focus to be, I am ever grateful that I do not have to split my focus between the two.

Once my foundation is set, I shall continue buildin’ on up!

Here’s to the adults building castles—may our stronghold guard against our enemies and not against ourselves! May we brace for the battle and rise up again with the sun!



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