Positive Thoughts Lead To A Positive Heart

I have instituted a phrase in my life; when I depart from company I often say, “Tell me a happy story”. I try to end with a happy or funny story because positive emotions are such a significant part of one’s countenance.

In moments where I feel defeat, I find peace in an uplifting story. Whether it be about someone’s personal life or a joke or some random happy thought, my soul rejoices in that moment and I can think on happy thoughts for a time.

It’s amazing to me, the effect that words can have on one’s soul. While positive words can bring cheer, hurtful words are like poison. A word to the wise, “Do not allow poisoned thoughts to enter your heart.” I find myself downcast when I depart on a sad story or depart with angry words said in haste. At times, I have departed feeling as if I am one big disappointment to the other party, and I am desperate to share my heart with them.

I find this to be true—that the very things which seek to crush us may become the means of our salvation, and the very resources which are set to shatter our prayer, may become those things by which our prayer blossoms. We may be tempted, tired, or discouraged, but in the broken heart, the Lord of Glory is enthroned.*

My words and actions throughout the day touch people’s souls. I am here; I matter. Think positive.

A few years ago, I was taught a numbers scale, to be the best number that you can be. Strive for being a 10. But if today all you can attain is a 5, then be ALL of that 5. Don’t drop down to being a 3. We can’t always be a 10—that’s exhausting. But strive to achieve a 10 and whichever number you land upon, be ALL of that number.

And so, to end on a happy thought, I leave you with a song…

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens/ Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens/ Brown paper packages tied up with strings/ These are a few of my favorite things”*

Here’s to the grown-ups with happy memories that lead to happy stories! Here is to staying positive! Here’s to shooting for a 10!

FullSizeRender (2)

*Beginning Life of Prayer

*Sound Of Music

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