Balancing Act

There was a magician that did an act with poles and dishes. He set up a pole with a plate spinning on its side then walked across the stage to set up another pole with another spinning dish. He had a total of five plates spinning and spent the rest of the act making sure that all five plates kept spinning up on top of their poles.

Life is like a balancing act.

There was a time when I felt as though I ran about spinning my “plates” and found myself quite out of breath. Just when I thought I had everything balanced, one would tilt or slow its progress just enough that I had to run over to keep it from toppling.

Personally, I am tired of running, I was never a fantastic runner anyways (my walk and run are about the same speed ha!)

One of my proverbial plates that I had to set down was the advice and opinion of others. I have had many people in my life suggest ideas of what I should be doing. My heart would then take a defensive position and I would argue about why that would never work.

The wise listen, but the foolish act.

Yet…is it foolish to not listen to advice that I know will not help?

All those people just wanted to help me (which is awesome!) However…they kept giving the same advice to which I had already acted upon with no results.

I needed NEW ideas. I needed NEW plans. And I’ve got a few in the works (still crossing my fingers!)

Perhaps the foolish act was in my response—a complete dismissiveness to those who just wanted to help. (May they forgive me.)

The real balance is holding on tight to my dreams and hopes. The real balance is standing upright when those dreams teeter and are right on the edge of crashing. The real balance is to listen AND fight for what I want at the same time.

Here’s to the adults balancing their life—may we balance well and fight for our dreams to come true!

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