Essence For Sacrifice

Sacrifice is a word that gets tossed around often. For example, “My drive to work is a sacrifice” or, “I sacrifice my time to watch over a grandmother” or, “I sacrificed going to the movies all year so that I could go to Disneyland in the summer.”

But what is sacrifice?

“… Sacrifice is the most natural act of man, the very essence of his life. Man is a sacrificial being, because he finds his life in love, and love is sacrificial: it puts the value, the very meaning, the very meaning of life in the other and gives life to the other, and in this giving, in this sacrifice, finds the meaning and joy of life.”*


So then, what do I sacrifice? If it is the most natural part of man, my very part of living, what is it that I sacrifice? And sacrifice to what? Work? Traffic? Netflix? Kids? Spouses? Money? Vacations?

All good things to make sacrifices too, but may wear my heart down in the end, because sacrifice means To Put My Very LIFE Into It.

Before the days of Netflix, self-checkouts, texting or smartphones; before the days of technology—we connected with people. There was an earnest and sincere way to connect with others, making time for one another because there was time available.

Therefore my next Building Block is learning the art of Sacrifice.

May I seek out ways to Sacrifice to People the Things that fill my time.

May I Treasure those in my life—family, friends, spouses, kids—may I sacrifice INTO their life.

We live in a crazy busy, tech-filled world, where materialism and sarcasm rule the day, but what if we take away the stuff and focus soley on the people—enriching, investing, learning, growing and encouraging—ALL of those that we cross paths with.

How much essence would our hearts and our world gain?

Here is to adult-ing—may we find real essence and learn real sacrifice to make our relationships stronger and our world a better place!


*For the Life of the World

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