Back in the 70s, there was a game show called, “The Gong Show”. Now I wasn’t lucky enough to be around then, but my understanding is that it is similar to our game show/talent shows like “X Factor.” Basically you get up and perform your talent, but should you make a mistake or a fool of yourself then you are Gonged or Buzzed off the stage, essentially being dismissed.

Earlier this week, a wise man that I admire, gripped my mind with a strong life lesson using “The Gong Show” as his analogy.

The lesson is that we all make mistakes, but hopefully we have people in our lives that will see the mistake and come along side us, helping us through it.

We all falter when learning a new skill—or even an old skill. We are not always strong in our knowledge and we might miss a beat here and there. But the beauty of a true community is that the older, wiser ones have the opportunity to be involved and to participate in the lives of the newcomers and bring them up to be mature.

For example, WHAT IF on “The Gong Show” one of the contestants hit a wrong note or tripped during their act, one of the judges—instead of reaching for the gong—walked up on stage and sang with the singer to get them back to the note or helped the one who tripped, and finished the act alongside them. What if we did that in life?

Our culture is so quick to judge, so quick to “gong out” relationships and dismiss people, but then we miss out on the beautiful act that comes right after a mistake is made.

Have you ever heard a music teacher play with a student at a recital? If the student falters during the piece, the teacher can continue to play, encouraging the student to get back on track. The mature leads the young with patience and there is a balance to it. The younger does not look foolish or embarrassed, but can follow and learn from the teacher. There is beauty and strength when two stand as one.

May I strive to find strong people to emulate, and to be this mature in my own relationships. May I be involved and see past the mistakes—not in a sense of ignoring the mistake or making it an “elephant in the room” that is never addressed—but moving on in the sense of moving past that mistake, to learn from faltering and getting back up.

Here is to grown-up life—which is one big faltering step after another—may we have those in our life who will come along side, help us up and steady us!


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