Embrace The Sincerity

I recently saw a post on Facebook that asked what your favorite childhood memory was; an answer that someone wrote was not paying bills. Ain’t that the truth? HAHA!

We often reference how we wish we could go back to childhood and actually enjoy those naptimes, have someone feeding us and caring for our every move. But I don’t think that even this would satisfy us.

While childhood is sweet and sincere and there is often much we can learn from the innocence of a child—it is not adulting.

As an adult we can make our own choices—we can travel on our own accord; we can have dessert before supper!

As an adult we can choose to see the world the way it was created to be seen—to be lived in and enjoyed.

However, too often, the pressure of an adult’s responsibility weighs down on us, keeping us from enjoying our life.

I do not hold to the world’s standards that we are here to work ourselves until death catches us.

Here in Southern Cali (probably other places too, but in my travels I’ve noticed it in spades here), there is a certain materialistic pressure to uphold. Immediately following the question, “What’s your name?” is “What do you do for work?” There are bragging rights to how many degrees one has obtained, how many overtime hours one works in a week and what title one holds at work.

Umm…pardon me, but I am not defined by a little rectangular paper that verifies if I am smart. I am not defined by how many hours I am a slave to a job instead of using those hours to spend with friends and family. I refuse to be defined by a title that only applies within that company.

I am not my job title. I am not hours in a day. I am not a graduate degree. I am a human being created for life, love and companionship.

What if we could embrace the sincerity of childhood and apply it to adulting? Imagine if we could apply our hearts to take in every moment of the day and push out the drudgery in adult responsibility.

We would still have to pay bills and go to work, but instead of that being the focal point of adult life—we stopped and smelled the roses. We could call up that friend for coffee, chat with a stranger on the bus, do our workout at a park and enjoy the view. Just think of the endless possibilities if we lifted up our hearts to the enjoyment of what life has to offer.

Here’s to the adults living life to the fullest! May we embrace and treasure every moment!

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