Get Your Adult On

I adulted this week (Insert applause here, please and thank you!) On top of getting my first suit and a tour with a school…I had locked myself at work afterhours, making myself sit down to complete my checklist before I could go home. In case anyone wants to know, this is a rather effective method to make oneself be efficient.

I was able to fill out all the right papers for that whisper of a program that I want to get into. I was able to file taxes on my own. I downloaded a few apps, got organized, made calls and a few other random things and then…I had checked off all the items on my list!

Ahhh! There is a lovely feeling of peace and relief when that list is finally completed.

Perhaps that is why it is so maddeningly frustrating when adulting goes the opposite way—when checklist can’t be completed, the project hits a rut, or the plan backfires. I am known for throwing water bottles when this happens (I can’t say why this helps but it totally does.)

I have found that no one really tells you how to adult, we are just expected to do so. If I am going into battle I would like to know that I am trained properly.

Why don’t we teach how to do taxes?

Why don’t we teach how to fill out applications?

Why don’t we teach how to adult?

How can we prep for battle if we are only told that a battle is coming? Now, to me that feels like a “Fight and hope for the best” scenario.

When training soldiers, every little thing is taught—how to dress, wash, groom, make a bed, tidy a room, how to fight, how to fire a weapon, how to take that said weapon apart, etc…

Is there soldier class training for adult life? Can that be a thing? I would sign up in a heartbeat and bring water bottles.

Here’s to adulting with checklists—may we power through and get it done!

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One thought on “Get Your Adult On

  1. So back in the 50s and 60s, there used to be Home Ec classes that taught (mostly women) practical skills: sewing, cooking, laundry, etc. etc. Boys took wood/metal shop and learned to make things. With the stress on college now, those sorts of vocational/practical classes have really been phased out. However, you are not the only person to express that practical skills are needed to be taught in school. High Schoolers need to learn how to balance a checking account, the pros and cons of having a credit card, how to do taxes, how to buy a car, along with things like how to cook and clean. Some parents teach these things, but not all do, and if we want our kids to grow up to be productive members of society, they need to know practical, everyday tasks as well has how to critically analyze an article and write an essay. Both are important. I personally predict that the pendulum will swing back at some point towards teaching kids more practical skills, but in the meantime, kids are often left without these skills.

    On another note, I have adulted all week! Besides running errands, I have spent all day today cleaning and prepping the house for Holy Week. I still have a lot to do, but have that checklist really, really helps and I feel so good by the end of the day.


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