Writer’s Block

Words. Thoughts. Sentence Structure. Heart and Soul…What is it that I am trying to say?

Some days my fingers fly across the keyboard and I can finish a draft within thirty minutes. Other days my fingers type, backspace then type again, trying to convey what my thoughts want to share.

Now, I could share some deep insight into this, such as, this being an analogy for my life. Some days I can fly through like I have it all figured out and other days I freeze up, at a loss for how I even tie my shoes.

However, I am not in the mood to be philosophical. I am in a light-hearted mood—rainbows, sunshine and ponies!

Perspective is everything.

Like in writer’s block, I could be frustrated at being stuck and see only failure to type out a blog. Or I could take on the challenge by practicing my writing and just pushing through it. Both are a reality. But the perspective is my heart and my mood. Depending on the day that I have had, the people I ran into, my surroundings…will determine the outcome of how I handle being stuck.

Well, I suppose I am in a philosophical mood after all.

Perhaps I will just share this…that whisper of a program that I have hinted at…I got in! I am so excited to be “un-stuck” in my life! I am getting the blocks set, pushing through and building my castle once again. There are several things in play right now, and it is a lovely thing to be moving forward!

Although (since we are being random and philosophical) there is growth in stuck moments too, one just cannot see them, but they are there in hindsight. I have grown in this time, learning heaps about who I am and how I handle adulting. Here is to the next phase of life!

Here’s to us grown ups growing and building our castles–may we rejoice and stay focused!

FullSizeRender (4)

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