Life’s Lemons

When life gives you lemons make lemonade. Inspirational, but what happens when life seems to aim these lemons at my head?

Lemons are trials of all different dynamics. Having hit rock bottom and then some…I have had time to reflect. Now what do I do with that said experience?

Hard knocks from life can have a meaning if I choose to learn from it. For example, in The Lion King when Rafiki knocks Simba on the head with his stick and uses it as a way to teach Simba that it doesn’t matter that the bump happened, it’s now just a fact that Simba has a bump.

What we do after the hard knock is what truly matters.

After heartbreak and let-downs, my heart is healing. In the midst of that storm, God kept me from being blown away by anchoring me with new friends. I have been provided with a community who pulled me close to their hearts when I needed it the most.  I have found a place where I can be myself without being a disappointment. I have found a home away from home that I can explore, taking time to re-build my life.

One thing I have learned is that when life hurts—observe.

I have taken the time to look around, observe and re-think my life. I have taken the time to heal, to process and to understand what happened. And even though I may never know all the answers—or why I got the bump on my head to begin with—I know enough to be able to pick myself up and move on to new beginnings.

I can make delicious lemonade with life’s lemons. But what I’m trying to learn is how to trust that life won’t throw those lemons again. I still bear the scars from the last fight ha!

I am ready to move on to new things! How do I trust that I won’t be knocked down again? This should be taught somewhere. Can there be an Adulting 101 class? We could learn how to file taxes, apply for loans, create resumes, and learn what we are supposed to do AFTER we make the lemonade.

I think this is why I live my life hour by hour. I may be uncertain whether I will make it this time, but I am determined to try!

Here’s to the adults making lemonade–may we be determined to learn from what life throws at us!

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