Grasp One Truth

Happy thoughts are truth, honor, morality, purity, loveliness, and admirable—May I think upon these six thoughts always. IF I can keep my heart in accordance with happy thoughts, THEN I am more likely to keep my mind focused.

Some say these thoughts will make you successful. Others say that these things are the answers to life’s problems. But I say it is neither. Thinking positive won’t make me successful (if it did I would be a billionaire by now.) Thinking positive WILL keep me from drowning.

I held onto that truth. I lived as honorable, moral and pure as I could. I looked for people that I could admire and learn from. I held onto as many happy thoughts as I could grasp. This kept my head above the water.

There were so many moments that I could only cry, holding on to just ONE positive thought—that I am here for a reason. THAT one true thought didn’t bring me a job, didn’t bring me a husband or kids, it didn’t even bring me new ideas. It was just a simple but TRUE happy thought. I am here.

Not only am I here on earth, but my life matters.

In the TV show NCIS, there was a time when one of the main characters was at a loss for what he should be doing. He started questioning every action and decision that he had made over his entire life. Throughout the show there are flashbacks to different choices that he made. At the end of the episode the boss confronts the character and revealed more to the flashbacks—lives were changed because of the actions that the main character had acted on. The boss then states, “The things you do mean something to people.” LOVE this!

There are many battles throughout life. I have fought this particular one for nearly a decade. These past few months there has been VICTORY OVER VICTORY! Happy dances and all sorts of celebration going on over here, praise be to God! I still hold onto those truths listed above, because those truths keep me grounded. Those six happy thoughts are what I choose to live my life by. They set the standard for how I act, re-act, think, speak and love—whether I am in battle or dancing to a victory!

Here is to the adults in battles and victories—grasp one truth and hold on like crazy—may we strive to keep our minds on positivity!

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