The Way Life Fits

I am sitting on the patio, beautiful eighty degree weather, gorgeous sunset, and a lovely breeze stirring across the trees. I have music playing, a cup of peanut M&M’s and bottled beer on the table with my laptop as I type out Monday’s blog. Hashtag bliss haha!

Years ago, I came up with an analogy regarding puzzle pieces.

It was tradition at my house to have a puzzle table up and off to the side from Thanksgiving through Christmas. It was off to the corner and anyone could come and sit to put pieces together. When one puzzle was done, we usually left it up for a day to show off the completed puzzle, then we’d take it apart and dump out the next puzzle to be completed.

There was something about putting the picture together, especially if it was a black and white puzzle where all the pieces look like they should fit together. There were a few pieces that we all swore should fit but they didn’t.

Life is like a puzzle. (Life is also like a box of chocolates but that’s a different story.) I came up with this analogy that we are like puzzle pieces and life is one giant puzzle. We fit together in varies ways with all kinds of shapes and angles to connect us together. We can make a beautiful picture together. But the thing that makes it a balance is that our “picture” on our individual selves—changes.

For part of my life, I could fit into the picture of school or living in a certain place, but then maybe my individual picture changes and now my picture displays a new setting. I have to find where I fit. I have to search out the big picture of life to see where I go, what edges and curves go where, and how I will fit into a new part of the giant picture.

For the last few years, I felt like a black and white puzzle piece trying to fit into a colorful world. I just had to wait in the box for my turn to fit into life. But what was actually happening, was that my dull black and white self was building color and character. Not it’s my turn to fit! I have a part to play, may I hold myself well and be up for the challenge.

This is all just a small perspective in a big world, where many perspectives can make up a whole.

Here is to the grown-ups finding a place in the giant world! May our edges fit, may our picture be beautiful and may we find ourselves in the process!

FullSizeRender (8)

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