Through The Rabbit Hole

In the last decade, going back to school, job hunting and acquiring a job have been quite illusive for me. I feel as though I have gone through the rabbit hole with Alice to Wonderland. I can’t make sense of the seemingly made up rules in regards to resumes, how to apply and when to apply, or how to adult. Anyone that I meet up with has a different lingo and none of it makes sense. There is no heads or tails, up or down, with adulting these days.

I am lost in No Man’s Land. I have been informed (by those who study such things) that I am in quite the predicament. I am, legit, stuck. There are many reasons as to why (comforting to know that I am up against multiple obstacles not just one or two.) On paper I am under qualified. I have no college degree, I have multiple addresses for myself and jobs that I have worked, and I have mostly a childcare back round. When/If I get an interview I dress appropriately, maintain eye-contact, speak in full sentences and can hold my own in the interview—I have now made myself overqualified. This has all been laid out to me by the people who assess such things for a living. Due to my age (thirties), ethnicity (white), and back round (childcare with no degree) I am apparently un-qualified for a job—any job. Even though I have glowing references, am a US citizen and am darn sure that I could be an asset for the company—I have been labeled as un-qualified.

About six months ago, I followed the white rabbit through No Man’s Land to an Oasis. I found a passion, a calling that I could turn into a career! I have a way out of the ever confusing Wonderland!


There seems to be a glitch with financial aid.

So, let me get this straight. Ya’ll won’t interview me because I don’t qualify. Ya’ll won’t hire me because I lack the experience. Ya’ll won’t lend me money to study my trade because I don’t meet your expectations.

Exactly how am I supposed to get out of No Man’s Land if there are no stepping stones to get to the other side?

It’s a riddle with no answer—that’s more than slightly frustrating, ya’ll. The hardest part is trying to explain this to family and friends. It’s not that I am not trying, I have tried a thousand times over (that’s a real estimate.) I just haven’t found the right stepping stone out of here. How many tries did it take you to adult?

Rest assured I have not given up yet! I will not be lost in this desert forever. You have claimed me for nearly a decade. You will not win—I WILL have the final say, because I have nothing to lose. You have taken everything. But NOW I bring it. Get ready for the biggest comeback that you have ever seen!

(Lord willing it is my time to bloom and take on this oppressive block in my life! If it’s not the time a pray the Lord restore my patience.)

Here is to the grown-ups past rock bottom—May we bring hell fighting our way back up!

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One thought on “Through The Rabbit Hole

  1. I understand this so well because I am in the exact same position– except that I am overqualified for everything. If I don’t teach, there is literally nothing I can do because I don’t have the skills for it or come off so overqualified on paper that I don’t even get an interview. I don’t know who to blame for this. Partly it is our educational system that pushes college above everything else. Part of it is employers who only want employees who fit in neat little boxes. Part of it is our culture and the fact that our generation was fed lies by the Baby Boomers that college=job. I’m so glad that you are able to go to school to get training in what you love. You are going to be amazing.


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