Follow The Thought Process

As a rule, we (society) don’t talk about money. I grew up in a place where when one paid for a service, the other accepted the exchange with a hand shake and tucked the money in their pocket without counting. There is the idea that money isn’t often mentioned or discussed. Funny, I would think this would be a main topic—not just a main problem. Shouldn’t there be education and/or a business that provides information in layman’s terms about how to get a loan?

Seriously, no one—or business—has been tremendously helpful when it comes to this vital information. Where are the pamphlets? Where is the customer service? Where is the information? Can I really trust Google to lead me to a legit loan service? How many would be fraud?

This has been heaps of good times making phone calls and pleading my case with just about anyone who will listen. Again, the lack of knowledge is scary! Shouldn’t there be an easier, more accessible way to go about getting a school loan? I am by no means the only adult looking for a hand up to help pay for college.

Chances are, if you’re talking to someone in a stuck position, they have thought of and tried many, many,  many options. Please refrain from, “Have you tried..” Instead, ask what I have tried, what seems to be working or what I’m working on/towards now. I have found that friends are quick to give great advice but slow to listen to the full answer. Follow my line of thinking with me.

“Why didn’t you just keep your job?” Due to the schedule of school, if I had kept my old job, the only day that I could have worked was a four hour shift. Also, I take the bus, I would have to leave two hours early and get home about two or three hours after the shift had ended. That’s an eight or nine hour day for just four hours of pay. Perhaps not the wisest decision, thus why I put in my notice.

“Why not just apply for a new job that works with school hours?” Hmm. There are many things to be said about this. But to sum up—I have been applying to jobs for about a decade on a fairly regular basis. And I have only managed to aquire nanny jobs or part time jobs. Perhaps not the wisest decision, thus the reason why I have enrolled in a trade school.

“You love children! Why not just babysit?” I would love to! However, as a grown woman, what should be paid is a bit out of the price range of my dear friends who have children. It would be easier if they get an awesome high schooler looking to go to the movies verves helping me enough to pay bills. Perhaps not the wisest decision, thus why I do not spend my limited time pursuing it.

“You make such beautiful jewelry, why don’t you just sell it at church?” First of all, thank you! Second, the times that I have set out a table to sell my beaded jewelry, I get a customer or two. It’s not that the jewelry isn’t worth selling; it’s just that it isn’t something every single person would spend their money on. But let’s think positively! Let’s say that I sell a necklace to ten people. (Usually I would price each necklace at twenty, but since they are friends and I need the money I would price them down to ten dollars each.) Sadly, the total would not cover the monthly bill for school. AND this would be a one or maybe two time event, not an ongoing business. PLUS taking into account the expense and time of essentially having a jewelry business would add up quick. Selling jewelry is an almost solution…It’s not quite do-able to even be a temporary option. Perhaps not the wisest solution, thus selling jewelry is an ALMOST solution, but not quite what I need it to be.

But don’t fret! There is always hope if one keeps thinking.

I do have an idea along those lines! I am studying to be a hair stylist. Perhaps spending a little to invest in hair styling products to practice and perfect my trade by taking donations would be worth the try. (As a student I am not allowed to charge, but tips and donations are always welcome!) Slight problem—it does require a bit of money to purchase my own supplies—but that is the next thought process to think through!

Here is to the adults thinking things through—may we choose wisely!

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