Mindfulness, Perspective, and Reality: The Triple Act

Ever feel like you’ve been down on your luck? Me too. I have quoted this before, there are times when, “Everything is not okay and that is okay.” This is my saving grace perspective to the reality in my life.

We live in a world that is so quick to fix problems, so quick to reach for that upgrade, that we have lost sight on the reality—not everything is perfect all the time. It’s perfectly okay that it is not okay. Life can be broken because in that altered state of brokenness is where our true character comes out.

My perspective of my own reality can quickly alter the facts.  So, to keep from going crazy, I try to start with the most basic facts (just to simplify my thinking): I think therefore I am*, I am here for a purpose, and I am loved more than I know. If I let perspective of my circumstances alter ANY of those three facts then my reality is threatened.

For example, based off of what life throws at me, I could begin to believe that I have no purpose. I could begin to believe that I am not loved. And I could even doubt my very own existence. Even though, just yesterday, all those facts rang so true. Today, my perspective challenged my reality and allowed it to win. I have now altered my reality because i allowed my perspective to take charge.

Now perspective is a fantastic thing to have. It’s great to look outside the box and get a sense as to what life’s circumstances are actually doing. But I cannot allow the perspective of a situation to become the reality. Perspective offers the capacity to view things in their true relative importance*. But perspective is not reality, especially if it is clouded with emotions.

My focus has to stay on the reality of my circumstances—that is what reflects my values. Focus brings in the balance between Perspective and Reality which is Mindfulness. Mindfulness is trying to remain aware of the current moment so that I can have consciousness on the task at hand. For example, I will try to be mindful of my circumstances so that I can have a perspective of the reality at hand.

There is no quick fix to lives problems. If you remember our dear Wesley, “Life is pain. Anyone who says otherwise is selling something.” It’s what we do in the moments of pain that make us who we are today. Ah character building!

Here’s to all the adults out there in a rough season—it’s okay that it’s broken, with time, we will grow!

*Goodness! These last few posts have been rather deep. To share with you, this week marks a bittersweet time in my life. Hmm…perspective of my reality in it’s truest form right there. I promise, next post, will be of a more uplifting and cheerful nature!

*Rene Descartes, Father of Modern Philosophy

*Merriam Webster definition of Perspective

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One thought on “Mindfulness, Perspective, and Reality: The Triple Act

  1. I love the idea that things don’t always have to be okay to be okay. Like, we don’t always have to be happy. I hate that my mental illness is often framed in terms of me not being happy enough, and I have to clarify with people that it’s not about happiness at all (though that is part of it), but that it is about being well enough to function in modern society.


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