My Cup Runneth Over

I am ever so thankful for the people in my life—the ones that I didn’t know I needed—but are right here when I have been in absolute need of someone.

There is truth in that phrase that says you know who your true friends are when you lose everything. But if one doesn’t see it as a negative phrase, such as all those who have left; but rather choose to see it as a positive. For example, when all is down, there are true friends who just appear and hold out their hand.

May there be a special blessing for those friends who believe that I am worth saving. I have had many give up on me through this decade long journey. It has been a bit damaging to my heart when they walked out. But to have friends (ones that I didn’t even know I had!) step in, offer a hand and heaps of encouragement to see me through—melting my little heart!

Those friends will forever and always play a huge roll in my life. They have not only believed in my dreams; they have helped my heart heal and given me fresh motivation to get back up. I am ever grateful to have crossed paths with them. I would be absolutely lost if it weren’t for their selflessness. I only hope that one day I can pass it forward to another person who is need of a friend.

My cup runneth over* I have more than enough for my needs, for my goals, and for my joy. You are my special friends and always ya’ll be close to my heart.

Here’s to the grown-ups who have discovered a true friend when they needed them the most—may we forever treasure that sweet blessing!


*Psalm 22/Psalm 23

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