Fight or Flight Part II

It’s amazing what the human body goes through when under extreme anxiety and stress. Hormones rev up our heartbeat and send blood rushing to our muscles, heart, and other important organs. During the stress response, we breathe faster in an effort to quickly distribute oxygen throughout our body, causing our heart to pump faster. Stress hormones cause our blood vessels to constrict and divert more oxygen to our muscles so we’ll have more strength to fight, should we choose. Stress is also a factor in behaviors such as overeating or not eating enough, alcohol or drug abuse, and social withdrawal.*

Stress and anxiety are real emotions. I feel just like a kid lost in the dark. The fear is real and strikes at my very core. I don’t know which way is up or down, I’m turned around backwards and having no idea how to get out. Where’s the door? Where is the window? Where’s the light switch? How do I get out? The fear is real. Please do not belittle this.

I have had my share of being lost, unsure of the direction to go. I have put my body through all that more. If you never knew, it’s because I put on the bravest face that I could muster and took it one day at a time.

One of the tricky parts to adulting, is explaining this fear to friends and family. “Try again,” they say, “You are not trying hard enough.” How do I put into words that I am scared out of my mind and body, both are taking a toll with the stress. How do I explain that I just want to curl up and hide my face in a pillow until the very end of days.


That is not fighting. That will get me nowhere. I must get up. I will not flee—I will comeback.

Down for a minute, I’ll get up again. Looks like I’m breaking, but it’s just a bend; it’s not over yet. ‘Cause in the end, I’m a comeback kid*

I choose to get back up. I choose to make my comeback, to keep learning skills, building my life one block at a time, and working on my character. I am more because of what I’ve been through, not less.

There is hope and light and good things to come, but I have to take the bad with the good—putting one foot in front of the other, and remembering to breathe anew each day. I am on my way up once again.

Here’s to the lost grown-ups—may we keep our chin up and get back up! Here’s to being a comeback kid!


*Healthline-Effects of stress on our body

*Comeback Kid by The Band Perry

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