I love summertime! I love the simplicity of it. The sun is out. Schedules are more relaxed. Weddings and celebrations of every kind blossom and there’s lots of ice cream for everyone! There is less stress in the summer. Our only worry is not to get sunburned or dehydrated. Ahhh! The simple life of summer is so blissful.

If I had one wish, I would wish for simplicity (I might also wish to eat as much ice cream as my lil’ heart desires without any consequences… somehow…I would fit that all into one wish!) Simplicity by definition is plain and simple–not complicated. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

So why is adulting the very opposite of simple?

There are many dynamics to an adult life, and many aspects that make up one decision; in my humble opinion there are too many distractions. Adult life is a bit of a balancing act. We have to keep all the bills, the work load, the debt, the friendships and family all balanced evenly—not to mention relationships, personal health and free time.

One thing that has not helped with keeping things simple is technology. Yes, it’s a great and wonderful power to have—many amazing things have been accomplished with technology. More things will come from it in the near future, however…

Let’s be real. Technology is one GIANT distraction.

In the TV show House, there is an episode where they can’t figure out what is wrong with a patient. They missed his diagnoses because they ran tests on his blood through a computer instead of looking at it through a microscope. They missed the parasites that were clearly visible because they didn’t go with a Simple Explanation. They jumped right onto technologically breaking down his blood and testing it for all sorts of things instead of simply LOOKING at his blood. Technology makes us miss so much.

Life is Simple. We humans make it complicated. If you don’t believe me then just watch the news, read the offended comments and see who is taking a stand on what these days. Everything is being debated or argued over. There is too much debate over political correctness. It seems that we cannot say anything without everyone being offended. Then some people get offended by the people who are offended!

Breathe In—Breathe Out.

Let’s get back to simplicity. Let’s buy what we need, sell or give away what we don’t. Let’s put down the phone and turn off Netflix to make time for friends family, for their sake and ours. Let’s work only to make a living, and give our time to more important things. And if something offends us, let us know the difference between moving on with our life and taking a stand.

Here is to the simple life! May we treasure each other more than the material stuff!FullSizeRender (9)

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