Too Many Cooks

I had a light bulb moment this weekend.  Ever have those? When you have a moment that brings light and understanding to a problem you’ve had, whether great or small, all of a sudden you have a bright new perspective to life.

Saturday afternoon found me with a client and I at a loss on the proper way to dry her beautiful thick hair. I ended up with five different people (two teachers and three fellow students) giving advice, two of which (students) took over the hair dryer and together they dried about half or more of my client’s hair.

I was definitely grateful for their help—however—I missed out on the experience. Now I am just as unsure for when I will have to try that again. I learned a little but not as much as I could have if I had been given the opportunity to try on my own.

My proverbial light bulb went off and I couldn’t help but think that I have been in similar situations before. Most people that I have come across are quick to give their advice or jump in and “fix it” (“it” being whatever current problem that life has given me). Once again, I am grateful for their help. But how will I learn if I am not given the opportunity to try on my own?

Have you ever heard the expression, “Too many cooks in the kitchen”? It’s an idiom explaining that there are too many people trying to take control or influence the issue at hand, but the outcome suffers from too many people trying to take charge.

Now comes the tricky part, how do I convey that while I appreciate the help, I would prefer to learn on my own? I am not saying anything against the teachers, they are there to instruct. And I really did appreciate the added help from friends, but… I want to learn by doing and not having too many cooks in my kitchen. Also, how do I convey this in my own life’s journey?

How am I to build knowledge and experience from how hot the stove is-so to speak- if I don’t reach out and touch the burner? Yes, it might hurt. Yes, I won’t get it right. Yes, it could have been done differently. But—this is my life, my decisions, and my experience that grow me into a wiser adult.

We are a culture that is quick for action, but slow to listen and just being in the moment. I want to draw from the problem at hand, and not just quickly get it fixed and over with. I believe this will bring more knowledge for the next problem that I face. And I for one would love to be prepared with as much experience as I can muster. How beautiful would our stories be if we could listen to each other’s heart and hear not only the struggle but their own victory as well.

Here’s to the adult life and the knowledge we get through the experience!

FullSizeRender (1)

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