Constant Anchor

This week has been quite the week for eye opening discussions. This is a happy thought to me because with perspective comes change! I was chatting with a friend and they asked me if I have had anything or anyone stay consistent in the last few years. I sat stunned by the revelation of that question but more so because I legitimately couldn’t think of a thing.

You’ve heard the expression of being on a ship in the storms with the sharks circling. I equate this picture to adulting frequently, because it just sums up life hahaha! There is usually one storm after another, and if it’s not storming then someone is out for your blood. It’s gotten so bad in my own life that if everything seems calm with sunshine and rainbows, I question it—I don’t trust the calm. But now with this new revelation, I don’t even think that I have been standing on a ship. I am pretty sure it’s just me chilling in the open seas.

I have made it my homework to find something that has stayed constant in my life over the last decade (it’s been quite the soul searching week.) Let’s start with the definition of constant/consistent (because all great soul searching starts with defining the perspective.)

Constant- something that stays the same: something that does not change*

Consistent- marked by harmony, regularity, or steady continuity; free from variation or contradiction*

Hmm what or who has stayed in my life regularly and free from contradiction? Yes, life is ever changing—relationships grow or change, jobs might switch up, moving to a new location or group of friends are all going to happen, especially over a decade. Some might think this is a silly line of thought however; most can count on a few fingers of people, events, or things that have stayed the same. Some people have anchors in their life so that when the storm came they were secured and safe. I have stared into space, desperate for an answer of some kind of anchor, but find myself grasping at straws just to have an answer to this question.

I have come up with three possible anchors:

First thought that came to my mind was a girl friend of mine from the college dorms. We have kept in touch for over 12 years now (speaking of which, it was my turn to call her tonight and I forgot—I’ll try her tomorrow!) We haven’t always had the time to call each other, sometimes only catching up a couple times a year. But I am ever grateful that our friendship has remained through time and many, many miles.

My next thought was God’s provision. Through the years, I have been nearly homeless, more than once—all situations coming up to within a week of having no roof over my head (my heart and prayers to those who are out on the streets.) God has always provided a place and food—in the oddest of ways—even though my own faith has not remained constant. I am ever humbled and grateful beyond words.

My final thought was of my bed. In all the different places that I have moved (16 different places!) my bed has always been there for me. I have a beautiful, giant queen sized bed that is so tall that I have to jump a bit to climb into bed. Although—now that I think about it, there was one move that my bed didn’t come with me. And in that case I have an awesome giant stuffed animal dog that sits on the foot of my bed that came with me, so it counts yes?

Here is to the adults facing life’s storms—may we find an anchor to hold tight and look ahead for sunshiny days!


*Merriam-Webster Dictionary

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