Quest-ing For Adulthood

I am on a quest to adulting in today’s life. My journey has given me heaps of perspective and life experience (perhaps too much life experience ha!) I want the rest of my journey to be full of experience to the truest meaning of living a full life.

I came up with a math analogy (this is an impressive thing for me to do, because me and numbers don’t mix—proud moment) Adulthood used to be A+B=C. If you do the work and put in the effort then you will reap the reward of success. In today’s world (bear in mind that this is based on my perspective and that I don’t have the statistics to back me up) there are a few extra difficulties; the new equation should read XYZ+A+B=? Because of the changed equation the answer no longer equals a simple “C”. There are more pressures, more baggage and an air of complicated-ness in today’s life that add to hard work and effort. It’s enough to break us.

Isn’t life more than desperately living each day and suffering anxious thoughts? Life is more than food, drink and clothing; it is more than a college degree and good job placement. Life is also not always about the destination but about the journey. Yes, the destination is a great thing to keep in mind as a goal. But the journey of one’s whole self is quite important. Think of the classic story Lord of the Rings, their destination was to get to Mordor to destroy a powerful ring. The JOURNEY impacted all of their lives.

While here in this life, I don’t want to focus on the successful destination. I want to live for the journey, taking in each moment (good, bad and worse) until I can jump for joy at my destination. Because it’s so easy to get caught up in HAVING a college degree, finding a job, finding a better job, making more money, getting married, etc… Let’s not focus on the “having” or the “have to have” or “you should have”; instead let me focus on the quest that takes me a little closer to my destination and grows me in the process. “Quest is the seeking not really the finding. Being a hero means getting back up after each failure”*

Here’s to the grown-ups on our quest to adulthood—may we enjoy and remember the journey!


*King Arthur, Once Upon A Time

***Follow me on Instagram @heres2grownups for random blurbs and post updates. I will–hopefully–be posting a blog every Monday and Thursday! (Although the new goal is just to get at least a blog up a week hahaha!) Also if anyone is on good terms with Ellen Degeneres, I’d love to get noticed by her!


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