Playing The Game

This past week I was rearranging a few things and came across a box of games. I absolutely love board games. I loved playing them as a kid, I enjoy playing them as a grown up, and I have so much fun teaching them to the children that I watch. There is the teamwork, the luck of the draw, and the skill in choosing how to maneuver around the board. I love an evening together when it’s a great game and there’s chit-chat around the table.

I like thinking about life as a game board. Everyone’s pieces and placement look a bit different. We all have our part to play, sometimes the rules change—maybe even the entire game changes—but we all know the backstory to what our game piece has gone through to get to the winning square.

In the game of Memory, one must remember the cards that are flipped over in order to get a correct match. Life throws so much at us that it’s difficult to remember it all. And yet—there are times when I can recall an incident (good or bad) and match my actions accordingly. For example, if I remembered what I had previously done to successfully get through a tough interview; I would match my emotions and words as I had done in the past. Or perhaps I will feel out the situation and think it would be a bad match to do what I had before. Therefore I will switch up my words and choose a different card to play.

In the game of Chess one must skillfully maneuver their pieces around to the other side to take their opponents King. Some games are played where there are no more moves to make (I often find myself in this predicament, Chess was not a game that I ever mastered.) But just because there are no more moves that can take place, doesn’t mean that a game wasn’t played. Let me say that again. Just because the player is stuck, out of moves, doesn’t mean there wasn’t a game that was played. There was effort, skill, and a plan in motion when the player came up on obstacles that were unaccounted for. This doesn’t mean that the player has lost—he learns.

Ah! The game of Jenga, where we are literally trying not to make a tower fall over by pulling out block after block—and such is the way of life. I often feel as though I am trying to stay upright, keeping myself all together. However, with every topple is a chance to rebuild.

In Clue we had to discover who had done something and with what object. This relates so much to the adult life with little ones running amuck. But also applicable if you’ve ever had roommates messing with the AC in the heat of summer ha!

My favorite game has always been Sorry. I love the unpredictable-ness of the “Sorry!” card coming into play sending the opponent straight back to the start place. I sooooo feel as if I’ve been sent to the start of adulthood time and time and time again. I was often asked why I haven’t gone anywhere and I would love to tell them that I actually have gone around the board several times over, yet each time I get close to a goal, I seem to get that “Sorry!” card from life. It would be nice if I could show that I have moved a few steps forward, that I have in fact played the game. Is there a way to transfer one’s life onto a game board? I think I would have an easier time explaining my past moves and progress if I could just visually play it out.

Ever play Chutes and Ladders??? Talk about a confusing game, especially if you get a special character version. One seriously cannot make out the squares that the game pieces are supposed to be on due to all the pictures posted all over the game board ahahaha! Perhaps that is the game that best sums up life. There are moments of climbing up ladders and dancing with the princes and princesses and then the very next step finds the player several levels lower thanks to a missed step and a slide downwards. When the only thing to do is to pick ourselves up, draw a new card and count our steps forward once again.

Here’s to the game of life! May we find our sense of humor when we fall behind—and may we find our footing to count up again!

FullSizeRender (10)

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