Words Matter

Words have such an impact in our lives. In linguistics, a word is the smallest element that can be uttered in isolation with objective or practical meaning.* Words have a strong effect on our emotions, even one word can be a simple expression or a full rant—a simple hello to a mocked blow. “We have all heard the phrase, ‘Sticks and… Continue reading Words Matter

It’s All In The Lyrics

The holiday bustle is in full swing as everyone runs around finding last minute gifts, food preparations and goes on their way to Christmas parties. Holidays are a special time with those that we do not see often, a chance to all come together to celebrate Christmas. Those picture-perfect Hallmark cards seem so foreign to… Continue reading It’s All In The Lyrics

Pretty Purple Photo Album

If you’ve ever had the privilege of chatting with an older, wiser mentor about how hard adulting is then you’ve probably heard their analogies about how you reap what you sow and other such tidbits. I challenged a mentor of mine the other day (a good mental challenge, you need not fear.) We were talking… Continue reading Pretty Purple Photo Album